Spandex Clothing that is Ridiculously FUN to Wear!

Phonetic spelling

Absurd: extremely silly or foolish : completely ridiculous

Duds: clothing

it all adds up to . . . Absurdudeez!

(How do you say that?)

Our Line of Products

be seen and be safe Absurdudeez, or "Absurd Duds" are not only ridiculously FUN to wear, but they also make it easier for you to be seen! And, they make people smile too!

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Choose Your Own Fabric!

lots of fabric patterns to choose from! All of these absurdly colorful products are made out of spandex blended fabric that YOU get to choose! This Spandex fabric wicks, does not wrinkle and dries quickly! This makes it perfect for biking, skiing, running, SUP'ing, kayaking/canoeing, dancing, walking, traveling, and just plain wearing!

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Made to Measure!

measurement diagram These incredibly absurdly fun to wear garments are made to measure! We don't have small, medium, large, we use your measurements to make the best fit possible!

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