Keep Your Lip Balm Handy!

put one on your bike
put one on your purse

Lip Balm Holders

So small and simple yet so functional! Hang one of these colorful spandex lip balm holders on your bike for quick use at a stop sign instead of having to dig for it in your jersey pocket (where it is sure to remain when you do your laundry!). Hang one on your purse or jacket so you don't have to constantly search for it! You just might actually use the lip balm up before you lose it! Everyone needs at least a few of these, and they make great gifts! They come in an assortment of colors, with an elastic cord so you can hang them "luggage tag style" on just about anything! They also have a variety of "doo dads" and Include Lip Balm!
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$5ea. or 5 for $20

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