Use this Ski Keeperto Quickly find your skis!

the curved tip
this is for the tail end and now has loops to hook around the bindings

Ski Keeper

Keep your skis together and let everyone know they are yours! This lycra holder has two parts, one for each end of the ski. It not only holds your skis together for ease of carrying, but it easily identifies them. If your skis are stacked along a wall, or shoved into snow before a race amongst many others, no one will accidentally take yours (unless they want your ski keeper!), and you won't accidentally take the wrong ones! The keepers go on and off easily and pack small enough to easily shove into a pocket just before you head to the trail! The latest version has loops on the tail piece that hook around the bindings... so if you do shove them in the snow before an outing, the keeper won't come off when you pull them out of the snow!


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